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Comment and credit if taking.

[2] - Final Fantasy VII
[1] - Final Fantasy X-2
[1] - X
[3] - Sailor Moon
[1] - Misc.
Total = 8

1.Image hosted by 2.Image hosted by 3.Image hosted by 4.Image hosted by
5.Image hosted by 6.Image hosted by 7.Image hosted by 8.Image hosted by

What the icons say:
1. "As I fade - Will you remember me?"
2. "Do you know that I love you?"
3. "Emotions entangled with memories of you"
4. "I can't fight the tears that ain't coming" Goo Goo dolls - Iris
5. "I'd give up forevr just to touch you" Goo Goo dolls - Iris
6. "I just want you to know who I am" Goo Goo dolls - Iris
7. "I never meant to hurt you"
8. "Past sins cannot be erased"

Comment and credit LJ = cloud_striver GJ = cloud_striver if taking.
Just to let everyone know: I will repost icons I've made. But there will always be new ones.
I do it just keep everyone on their toes.

[7] - Final Fantasy VII
[1] - Final Fantasy AC
[1] - Final Fantasy VIII
[2] - Final Fantasy X
[5] - Final Fantasy X-2

Teasers: Image hosted by Image hosted by

1. Image hosted by 2. Image hosted by 3. Image hosted by
4. Image hosted by 5. Image hosted by 6. Image hosted by
7. Image hosted by 8. Image hosted by 9. Image hosted by
10. Image hosted by 11. Image hosted by 12. Image hosted by
13. Image hosted by 14. Image hosted by 15. Image hosted by
16. Image hosted by

1. Lyrics from Velvet Revolver - Fall to pieces - Contraband
2. Lyrics from Titan A.E. Soundtrack - Cosmic Castaway
3. Lyrics from Cold - Don't belong - Year of the Spider
4. Lyrics from Alanis Morissette - Head over feet - Jagged little pill
5. Quote from Final Fantasy VII
6. Lyrics from Titan A.E. Soundtrack - Cosmic Castaway
7. Lyrics from Crossfade - Cold - Crossfade
8. Lyrics from Drowning Pool - All over me - Sinner
11. Lyrics from Drowning Pool - Reminded - Sinner
12. Lyrics from Drowning Pool - Bodies - Sinner
13. Lyrics from Eminem - Sing for the moment - The Eminem Show
14. Lyrics from Drowning Pool - All over me - Sinner
15. Lyrics from Papa Roach - Scars - Getting away with murder
16. Lyrics from Papa Roach - Scars - Getting away with murder

What's written on them:
1. "All alone I fall to pieces"
2. "Beautify don't crucify me"
3. "Can you still feel me or did I... slip away?"
4. "Don't be alarmed if I fall head over feet *[in love with you]"
5. "I'm afraid to tell the truth..? But... why? To tell the truth... I'm afraid of... myself."
6. "Losing sure is easy so I am no more"
7. "Maybe in a different light you can see me stand on my own again"
8. "Maybe its you - Maybe its me"
9. "My love for you will never fade"
10. "My love for you will never fade"
11. "Reminded of you"
12. "One, nothing wrong with me
Two, nothing wrong with me
Three, nothing wrong with me
Four, nothing wrong with me
One, somethings got to give
Two, somethings got to give
Three, somethings got to give
Let the bodies hit the floor"
13. "Sing for the moment"
14. "Something I just might regret - Something you will not forget"
15. "Tonight is our last stand"
16. Tonight is our last stand"

*That I added myself. Alanis Morissette didn't actually sing that in her song!
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